Alumni Association

The RBANMS Alumni Association, is a dynamic, member focused initiative, driven by strong Indian values and directed towards supporting the Social, Intellectual and Spiritual needs of past, present and future Alumni of RBANMS to build lasting ties between the Alumni, the Institution and the Community. Formed in 2016, the RBANMS Alumni Association promotes a strong relationship between the Alumni and the Institution.


  • Promote a strong relationship between the Alumni and the Institution.
  • To increase the Alumni Data Base.
  • To increase Alumni Participation and Involvement in the activities of the
  • To increase Alumni participation in Fund Raising activities of the Institution.
  • To increase student-alumni interactions.
  • Advancing the unique needs of the Alumni, while supporting the goals of the Institution.
  • Participation in the development and refinement of the educational programs.
  • Participation in and support of recruitment and other student activities.
  • Establishment of a nationwide/worldwide Alumni network.
  • Developing an awareness about the History, accomplishments, programs and offerings RBANMS Educational Charities
  • To promote pride, tradition and loyalty amongst current and former students.
  • Providing the Institution with insights into the needs of the communities it serves
  • To provide the knowledge, skills, financial resources, and intellectual capital of the alumni to enable a campus to corporate transition.

Target Group for interventions made by RBANMS Alumni Association are:

  • The College
  • The Current Students
  • The Past Students
  • The Community

S.No Name Designation Contact Details
1. Ramesh Balasundaram President
2. Sabaresh DB Secretary
3. Arun Rajkumar Alumni Relations
4. Sudhish K T Chairman - Outreach and Engagement