Department of Arts

The Department of Arts was introduced from the inception of RBANM's in 1984. The Department is under the able guidance of experienced faculty. The Arts students comprises of Political science, History and Economics. The students are exposed to the current scenario and the curriculum is imparted with innovative teaching practices. The aim of the Department is to mentor great administrators, entrepreneurs and leaders for strengthening the Nation.

Political Science

Politics decides the destiny of the family as well as the nation. The history shows great significance for politics. The vision of the department is to hone the leadership quality of the students and empower them with knowledge and political acumen.

  • The Department enables the students for acquisition of specialised knowledge in the field of political science.
  • It develops general skills that will serve students for their future course of study. We create awareness about the various rules and laws, forms of government which helps them to be updated with the current affairs and face the competitive world.
  • It gives practical knowledge to students about the administrative system and its functioning through practical learning.


The nation progresses with the roots in history. The study of History strengths the progress of any Nation. The department offers specialization in modern and medieval Indian History. Besides this society and culture are also important areas of study. The under graduate curriculum is designed to suit the knowledge to the current scenario. The Department is working towards developing a strong knowledge base ad help the students for their further course of study.


The Department of Economics has distinguished itself to be one of the leading centres of learning economics in Bangalore. It is a matter of great satisfaction that students and faculty act in unison to make teaching-learning process a highly purposeful one. The department has contributed richly to the society by producing great administrators.