Mentor and Mentee Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Help to build the Mentee’s Strengths and Recognize weakness and try to Improve it.
  • Be consistent and reliable.
  • Communicate with mentee and create a plan to achieve milestones for reaching the teaching goals.
  • To be mentee’s Cheer leader and motivate them towards the goal.
  • To provide counselling by identifying the mental problems of the students and provide the moral support.
  • Identify the slow learners and Advanced learners and take up he activities as required.
  • To be the bridge between the principal and Mentee.
  • To be approachable by students.

Responsibilities of Mentee

  • Provide the evaluation of experience in college and communicate with mentor.
  • Inform the mentor about the learning, communication or any other problem faced by the student.
  • To avail guidance and clarification from mentor for setting goal and reaching it.
  • To be cheerful and seek the guidance of mentor whenever required.
  • Communicate about any problems faced by them in college relating to Ragging, Harassment or bulling.

Mentor Mentee List