Mechanism of Internal Assessment

    Academic Year Commencement:

    The academic year begins with a staff meeting, leading to the establishment of the examination committee.

    Examination Schedule Planning:

    The examination committee, following a staff meeting on formative and summative assessments, sets timetables for class tests and mid-term exams. Faculty members adhere to the timetable during staff meetings, conducting class tests accordingly.

    Evaluation Process:

    After mid-term examinations, subject faculty members utilize a predefined valuation scheme for the assessment of papers.

    Feedback and Verification:

    Students receive their answer sheets for verification, ensuring transparency in the evaluation process.

    Mark Entry and Display:

    Faculty members input marks into the Marks Statement, and the information is then showcased on the college notice board for students to access.

    Adaptive Learning Planning:

    Identification of advanced and slow learners prompts the customization of activity planning based on their individual capabilities.

    Semester-End Evaluation:

    At the semester's conclusion, internal marks are uploaded on the university website, considering attendance, internal assessments, mid-term exam results, and assignments. Students receive this information through a communicated message.